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Totally Organics™ is becoming TOP's Parrot Food!

For a little while you will see products with labels of both names in your order.
Our mission remains the same: to produce the highest quality parrot food you can find.

Please have a look at our new website TOP's Parrot Food. With each order placed from our new website we will send you a free box of Tesoro Treats.

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Welcome to the home of Totally Organics™, your source for TOP's quality parrot food for your companion parrot!

The best for your bird is our first priority! Our TOP's Parrot Pellets are produced in a way that keeps the nutrition intact. TOP's Parrot Pellets are made for all size hook bills.

Totally Organics™ started in 2003 as a quest to create the finest quality, healthy and wholesome pellets for parrots, processed as little as possible. We use only the highest quality ingredients, grown ecologically and sustainably. Our suppliers are very carefully chosen companies that grow at the organic standard regulation, even if some of them are not certified.

Over the years we added two birdseed mixes made with organic ingredients to our line of products.

All-in-One™ soak and dry seed mix, made with organic ingredients, is a blend that can be feed dry or soaked for 8-12 hours. The soaking creates a highly nutritional parrot food, like the germinated seeds birds would eat in the wild.

Napoleon’s™ seed mix is made with organic ingredients and is a creation for the small parrots. This TOP's quality seed mix can also be soaked to increase the nutritional value.

Tesoro Treat™ is our latest creation. It is a human grade cracker-like treat for parrots made with organics ingredients and one that is owned by them.

Birds recognize the high quality of our TOP's bird food. We constantly receive feedback from our customers how easily their birds accepted our foods and how well they are doing on it.

Today, we are providing parrots all over the world with our outstanding TOP's quality products.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Gudrun Maybaum

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